New fiction: SWAMP Writing and Ghostlight

It’s been approximately a billion years since I’ve written here. I feel like I’ve neglected a pet. Lashings of apologies.

ghostlightI am back with some good news! I have some fiction out. You can read At the End of the World for free online right now at SWAMP Writing.

My short story Lived In has finally appeared in Ghostlight: the Magazine of Terror. I’ve been promising this one for months and here it finally is. This one you need to buy online, but you know, supporting writers is a reward unto itself.

Both are creepy little pieces, but so is everything I write. Please do let me know if you enjoy them.

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    1. I liked ‘At the end of the world.’ Some new twists on a familiar theme. I wonder what it is that animals become in this apocalyptic world?

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