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I don’t want to alarm you but Christmas is just about six weeks away. I know. It felt too early to write this post, but the world seems a little dark lately and I wanted a distraction. You’re welcome.

I’m in a group of Australian women writers on Facebook, a group of smart, passionate, talented women who share job opportunities, resources and advice. A thread on there of publications this year made me think about gift giving. I’ve written about giving books as gifts before. It is possibly my favourite thing ever. I’ve given books as gifts to children who can’t read yet. (Yep, I’m that aunt. The useless one.) But it is important to support local artists and the local industry, so I’ve gathered a list of fiction published this year by Australian women authors for your interest. When I started this I had no idea how long the list would be, and how diverse. Please do make sure you make your purchases at local book stores, where you can, and support the industry. It’s also worth considering a charitable donation that supports literacy, my go to such charities are the The Footpath Library and the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

Oh, and of course, this list is obviously not everything published this year, so feel free to add your recommendations of Australian books published this year in comments.


The Three Miss Allens, Victoria Purman

Sentinel Rising: The Reardon Files, Andrea Drew

The Paper House, Anna Spargo Ryan – A beautiful novel about loss and recovery. Five stars.

Vigil, Angela Slatter

Shield, Rachael Craw

We At the Road Like Vultures, Lynette Lounsbury – I have not read this but have heard good things and have it on my list.

Tailor Made, Clare Havens

Journey’s End, Jennifer Scoullar

Love Eliminiation: Sarah Gates

She’s the One, Bronwyn Stewart

Dying in the First Person, Nike Sulway – also haven’t read this, but Sulway’s Rupetta is amazing and you should read everything she writes.

Hospitality: How to Make the Most of Your Miserable Underpaid Existence, Yasmin O’Sullivan

Everything is Changed, Nova Weetman

Le Chateau, Sarah Ridout

The Twisted Knot, J. M. Peace

Bound For Eden, Tess Le Sue

Luxeville Dolls, Erin M McCuskey

Promising Azra, Helen Thurloe

The Blood Apothecary, Cayt Mirra

Skylarking, Kate Mildenhall

Dead in the Water, Tania Chandler

Dove, MH Salter

Who’s Afraid, Maria Lewis

Like I Can Love, Kim Lock

Falling Pomegranate Seeds: The Duty of Daughters, Wendy J Dunn

Game Day, Miriam Sved

The Science of Appearances, Jacinta Halloran

The Permanent Resident, Roanna Gonsalves

The Adventure of the Colonial Boy, Narrelle M. Harris

Castle of Dreams, Elise McCune

Wild Chicory, Kim Kelly

Jewel Sea, Kim Kelly

An Isolated Incident, Emily Maguire


White and Red Cells, Jessica Knight

Tongue Between Teeth, Jessica Knight


A Feast of Sorrows, Angela Slatter

Alien Artifacts, various

Crime Scenes, various

Fine, Michelle Wright

Leaving Elvis and Other Stories, Michelle Michau-Crawford

Dark Magic: Witches Hackers and Robots, various (including yours truly)


Black, Fleur Ferris

The Squishy Taylor Series, Ailsa Wild

The Other Side of Summer, Emily Gale

Worm, Nicki Greenberg

My Dog Dash, Nicki Greenberg

The Naughtiest Reindeer, Nicki Greenberg

The Secrets We Keep, Nova Weetman

Our Dog Knows Words, Peter Gouldthorpe, Lucy Gouldthorpe

Wormwood Mire: A Stella Montgomery Intrigue, Judith Rossell

HIjabi Girl, Hazel Edwards and Ozge Alkan, illustrated by Serena Geddes

Becoming Aurora, Elizabeth Krasmer

The Leopard Princess Book 2: The Tales of Jahani, Rosanne Hawke

Lady Helen and the Dark Days Pact, Alison Goodman

Go Home Cheeky Animals, Johanna Bell, illustrated by Dion Beasley

All These Perfect Strangers, Aoife Clifford

Penelope Perfect (series), Chrissie Perry

Non fiction: 

Doing it: Women Tell The Truth About Great Sex, Karen Pickering

No To Feminism, Rebecca Shaw – I predict this will be excellent.

Things My Mother Taught Me, Claire Halliday

Game Changers, Leena Van Deventer, Dan Golding

Enemy, Ruth Clare

Use Your Words: A Mythbusting, No Fear Approach to Writing, Catherine Deveny

Speaking Out, Tara Moss

Vagabondage, Beth Spencer

From Victims to Suspects: Muslim Women Since 9/11Shakira Hussein

We Are All Going To Die, Leah Kaminsky

Suburban Nightmare: Australian True Crime Stories, Emily Webb

Quiet City: Walking in West Terrance Cemetery, Carol Lefevre

When Hope Speaks, Jessica Morris

Paved with Good Intentions: Terra Nullius, Aboriginal Land Rights and Settler Colonial Law, Hannah Robert


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    1. What a great list and a wonderful idea. I love the AWW challenge. Here is just a few I’ve read this year.
      Blame by Nicole Trope
      The Cleanskin by Laura Bloom
      The War Bride by Pamela Hart
      Devour by LA Larkin
      April’s Glow by Juliet Madison
      A Kiss from Mr Fitzgerald by Natash Lester
      Running against the Tide by Amanda Irtlepp
      Behind the Wire by Rachel Amphlett
      Scared to Death by Rachel Amphlett

      I love supporting Australian Women Writers and hope to read many more in next years challenge.

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