Introducing Survival: a novella

I’m excited to be able to tell you that my speculative fiction novella Survival is set to be released in the first half of 2018!


Ignorance is cheap. Then it costs you everything.

It is the near future and the world has suffered economic collapse and multiple environmental crises. Above a city straddling a river the pressures of a changing climate force a dam to collapse, flooding the city. Those who can flee and those who can’t live in floating shanty towns, where disease and poverty are widespread.

In the city, Ava Murasaki is searching for her sister Sophia, an activist, who has mysteriously disappeared. Valerie Newlin lives in the secure complex of the Scylla Corporation, the world’s only remaining multinational, safe out of the flood waters on the escarpment. There, she finds evidence of something horrifying in the Corporation medical research data.

The two women meet when Valerie goes on the run to protect her information. As they investigate they find something monstrous happening right underneath their feet.

Survival is a new novella by Perth author Rachel Watts due out in March 2018.

Production is full steam ahead and Survival will be available as an ebook and paperback from March. Stay tuned and share this email with your friends who enjoy young adult, near future science fiction and dystopian reads. Sign up to my newsletter to be involved in future giveaways! 

In the meantime, I had new work published by Slink Chunk Press last month – read it online for free. Some of my narrative non-fiction will be published in the November edition of Westerly Magazine due out very soon!

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    1. Congratulations on the completion and future publication of the novella. I’ll keep an eye out for its release.

      1. Thank you Tom! I’m quite excited and a little bit scared that I’ve given myself too tight a deadline. But necessity is the mother of something something, right?

      1. Thank you! I’m both excited and nervous. But I’m committed now so it’s on.

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