Great news! Today I emailed the edited manuscript of my novella Survival to my designer for it to be made into something beautiful! It’s an exciting moment.

The cover design is going to be finalised very soon – before Christmas! Make sure you sign up to my newsletter to get your hands on the cover and to have your first glimpse at the opening scene of the novella. I can’t wait to show you!

I’m so excited to share this story, it’s been a fun project that has been simmering away on the backburner for years now and it took a great deal to work up the courage to publish it. And now I’m being brave again and asking for your help. To print paperbacks of Survival will be costly, and it’s very unlikely to break even. I’m asking for your help to offset some of the printing costs so Survival can be a beautiful, physical book – without putting me and my family in too much financial stress. If you’re able to support this project go here and pledge a small donation. There is a reward (acknowledgement in the book) that is time sensitive – the book goes to print on January 10 – so make sure you hurry!