I am a freelance writer available for hire. I’ve been published in Kill Your Darlings, The Big Issue, Riding Light Magazine among others. I write for brand newsrooms as well as short fiction and opinion, some samples of which you can see at the links below. If you’d like to talk to me about my work or a new project don’t hesitate to send an email to rachel@wattswrites.com.

Sound & Fury's Sherlock Holmes

It’s Sound & Fury’s fourth visit to Perth’s Fringe World, and their first to Fremantle, and one hopes they return again and again.


As simple as it is, it is touching, like a single match struck in the dark.


It creeps inside her. It flutters. It is small but she feels it growing stronger.

Reinvention on the flat-track

I’m sitting on the bench in my skates waiting for my turn on the track. My heart is in my mouth alongside my mouth guard and my fingers are tingling. It’s late April and this is the biggest game we’ve had so far this tournament. The waiting is the worst.

At The End of the World

There was something wrong with the dog. That was how it started.

Innovative Storage Solutions

This is the second brain-space retrieval claim form Jasmine has filled out this month. The first one was lost. The form, not the brain.

How Motostar reaped the rewards of efficiency gains

At the close of 2014, Motostar Tire and Auto Products posted one of the most successful winter tire selling seasons in the company’s 22-year history. President Gene Bova Sr. said while he was thrilled with the performance of the business, this success presented its own challenges.

Foetal homicide laws set up a competing set of rights for women

Whatever happens inside a person, is that person's business. It's a fairly straightforward concept.

Why fear is sweeter than Christmas morning

I am alone in the house. The window at the back, left open for the cat, groans on creaking hinges as the wind sucks it open and slams it closed. It is as though the house breathes.

Why going green is good for your tire business

Here are ideas for how you can be a more environmentally conscious business and why not going green might be a mistake in the long run.

Toyo keeps quiet on $1.7m bid rigging fine

Toyo Tire and Rubber Co. was fined $1.7 million this month for its part in an international bid-rigging conspiracy. The company pleaded guilty to three counts of bid-rigging under the Canadian Competition Act.

How the TIA can help solve your bounced check problem

How often do you receive a check from a customer only to have it bounce? According to the Federal Reserve there were more than 66 million bad checks written in 2013, representing more than $83 billion dollars.

The Beast

Humanity tastes complicated


The tattoo studio smells of disinfectant and bravado.